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In this edition of Exceptional our interviews with leading entrepreneurs of fast-growth companies show that, despite these turbulent times, a combination of entrepreneurship and innovation are still a successful formula for growth.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are still a successful formula

Our cover star, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., may be best known for his prowess with a basketball, but he has also channeled his leadership on the court into an extensive business empire. We talk to him about the evolution of his career, and why he decided to invest in the great American pastime: baseball.

With continued investment in innovation, products and branding, we see the simplest strategies are capable of providing exceptional growth in all global regions. Our 2012 UK Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, Lance Uggla, CEO of Markit, talks about how his innovative approach to technology and data management proved a game changer for the credit default swap market.

In his 40 years at the helm of FedEx, founder Fred Smith has seen energy crises and recessions, and nevertheless emerged triumphant. He tells us how.

Meanwhile, Iqbal Ahmed OBE explains how he set up Seamark, the global seafood processing and distribution business.

A long-term approach is another successful strategy for growth. Carmen Riu, Co-President of Riu Hotels  explains how her business has not only survived but also thrived while the global economy has stalled, leaving some competitors to fall by the wayside.

Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission for Industry and Entrepreneurship, is our guest columnist for this edition of the app. He gives his view on the challenges and opportunities facing European entrepreneurs, and talks of the prospect of a European industrial renaissance.

Elsewhere in this issue, you will find insights about the emerging and opportunity-rich market of Turkey, dubbed by economists as the “China of Europe”.

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Andrea Vogel
Growth Markets Leader