Tax Transparency: Building Confidence

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Confidence in the tax system is at the heart of an effective tax regime, and the recent furore over the taxation of multinational companies (MNCs) has challenged and, for some, overturned this.

We believe there is a need to rebuild confidence in the tax system itself, the way it is administered, and MNCs’ approach to tax.

Disclosure is a part of building that confidence. What should be disclosed, and to whom, depends on a variety of factors. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, it will vary for different organisations and, as such, there remains an appetite for more information about the way individual organisations make decisions around tax, and how they engage with tax authorities.

In this report we consider the different public disclosure options in more detail. We hope this will help groups decide which course of action best suits them, their business and their stakeholders – and that the ultimate outcome will be increased confidence.