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EY - Global Britain and ending Malaria: Thebottom line EY - Economic footprint of the Channel Tunnel fixed link EY - Reshoring manufacturing EY - Rugby World Cup EY - Powering the UK EY - The Bundle Jungle EY ITEM Club EY - The Hospitality Sector in Europe EY - The Berkeley Group
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Read some of our latest insights below.

EY - Global Britain and ending Malaria: The bottom line

Global Britain and ending Malaria: The bottom line

Why faster progress brings forward a healthier, more prosperous world for us all.


EY - Economic footprint of the Channel Tunnel fixed link

Economic footprint of the Channel Tunnel fixed link

An analysis of the economic value of trade and passenger traffic travelling through the Channel Tunnel


EY - UK Attractiveness Survey

UK Attractiveness Survey

Powered by the regions, the UK saw record FDI in 2015, according to EY’s UK Attractiveness Survey, which monitors FDI into the UK and globally. Find out more here.


EY -  EY ITEM Club Spring Forecast

EY ITEM Club Spring Forecast

The forecast shows growth of 2.3% in GDP this year. This is in line with the latest estimate for 2015, which was heavily dependent upon the consumer, supported by the strong labour market and low inflation.


EY - Rugby World Cup 2015 Economic Impact Study

The economic impact of Rugby World Cup 2015

An economic impact study undertaken by EY on behalf of England Rugby 2015, revealed that Rugby World Cup 2015 is set to deliver nearly £1 billion of additive value into the UK economy.


EY - Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oman

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oman

As the sun rises on more sustainable energy strategies in the Middle-East, our report looks at the contribution an innovative solar-powered Enhanced Oil Recovery technology could make to the Omani economy.


EY - Transmission lines at sunset

Powering the UK

Empowering UK growth, jobs and energy users through continued investment

Powering the UK sets out the energy sector’s vital contribution to the UK's economy and prosperity.



EY - Boy and girl using mobile phones

The Bundle Jungle

A closer look at consumer attitudes towards buying broadband, telephony and TV.

Discover the six key findings from our online survey of 2,500 UK consumers, covering all regions, ages and income groups.


EY - Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament


EY have been sole sponsors of the ITEM Club for 25 years. It is the only non-governmental forecasting group to use HM Treasury's model of the UK economy. Our reports provide a detailed economic analysis and forecast of activity for the period ahead, as well as special reports on macro-economic topics. They are independent of any political, economic or business bias. Read the latest UK economic forecasts.

EY - People eating in a restaurant

The Hospitality Sector in Europe (5.6Mb)

The hospitality sector makes a major contribution to the European economy: for every €1 spent in the hospitality sector, an additional €1.16 is spent in the wider economy.

Find out more (5.6Mb), including country-specific results for 31 countries across Europe.

EY - Sun streaming through a window

The Berkeley Group (2.8Mb, September 2013)

House-building can help deliver growth to the UK economy through its contribution to economic output, job creation, tax and investment. In 2012, Berkeley supported over £2.6bn of economic activity in the UK.

Find out more. (2.8Mb, September 2013)

Isle of Man (742K, May 2012)

The Isle of Man is a key commercial partner that delivers many benefits to the international community – the UK, and City of London in particular.

Find out more about the Isle of Man’s positive contribution to the global economy (742K, May 2012)