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We are building a better world as:  

  • We contribute to the critical functioning of the world’s capital markets by advising our clients on issues including audit independence, financial transparency and sound governance. This supports global and local economic stability and growth, which in turn provides opportunities to address some of the major issues the world is facing.
  • Through our business advisory services we assist our clients to improve and grow, leading to higher living standards and more opportunities for growing local economies.
  • We help entrepreneurs, who are key to economic health, bring their products and ideas to market through The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® and a series of services.

In addition, we are committed to working with key stakeholders because we believe this is an important way to build and maintain trust and investor confidence. It also allows us to contribute to public policy debates in markets around the world and to engage with international organizations and regulatory bodies in a meaningful way.

By listening carefully to these stakeholders we are able to inform our views and actions and build our business in a way that advances and benefits society and the economy.

Here are some of the groups we engage with at global, regional and local level. For more information on our support for entrepreneurs in our community, visit Our communities.

World Economic Forum

EY has been a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for 15 years. Our involvement in the WEF enables us to help shape future economic development and share our insights with the world's most influential business leaders, politicians, academics and the global media. Our participation is effectively a year round, on-going relationship with the Forum and consists of being able to contribute to some of its working groups, participate in roundtables, and speak on panels, as well as attend the Annual Meeting in Davos, The Annual Meeting of New Champions, and Regional Meetings.

The UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

We are proud to be part of the UN's Global Compact and play our part by leading by example. The UNGC has 10,000 corporate participants and other stakeholders from over 130 countries. It is the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world.

Transparency International

Since 2006, we have sponsored some of Transparency International's most widely distributed studies, including the Corruption Perceptions Index, the Bribe Payers Index and the Global Corruption Barometer. For more information, visit

Corporate Governance Network

We are an active member of the International Corporate Governance Network, and our member firms participate in a number of investor groups in different countries.

Global Auditor Investor Dialogue

This global dialogue is an informal network of leading global institutional investors and major global auditing networks to exchange views on current financial reporting and auditing issues — we are proud to be part of this dialogue.

Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY)

We want to encourage people around the world to think about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how we can create an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive. The Entrepreneur Of The Year® and World Entrepreneur Of The Year programs are a natural extension of this commitment as both programs recognize the world's most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™

Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ is a national competition and leadership initiative sponsored by our Growth Markets practice to identify and connect a select group of women entrepreneurs with the advisors, resources and insights they need to scale up and become market leaders. We recently released a new independent impact study, Thinking big: how to accelerate the growth of women-owned companies, based on Babson College Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership research, which revealed that the model can spur dramatic growth.

Please note: EY does not accept unsolicited requests for funding or volunteer engagements.