EY Americas Sustainability Report 2013

Our people

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We want the EY work experience to be better than working anywhere else.

Whenever our people join, however long they stay, the EY experience will last a lifetime. To deliver on this promise we have to attract great people, empower them while they are with us and stay connected to them long after they leave.

Our goal is to attract great people from diverse backgrounds and enable them to perform at their best. We are continually looking into new initiatives that strengthen our award-winning culture because we know that the success of our business relies on the skills, attitude and knowledge of our people working together in teams.

The result is that everyone benefits. Our clients get the best, most diverse and inclusive teams, which embody our two goals of highest-performance teaming and exceptional client service.

Our people get tremendous professional and personal development, and our alumni go on to serve as leaders in business, academia, government and the nonprofit sector.

Creating the highest-performing teams

Building the highest-performing teams — our greatest asset — creates higher engagement and exceptional EY experiences for our people. At the same time, they deliver stronger productivity and results for our business.

We bring together talented and engaged people to deliver exceptional client service. Our recruitment activities focus on attracting future business leaders — people who have a global mindset and thrive in international teams and who will drive the future success of our business.

Once people join EY, we want to be sure that we retain our talent for as long as possible and help our people grow in a way that they know would not be possible anywhere else.

When someone leaves, as everyone does at some point, our connection with them remains. 

Valuing diversity and inclusiveness

EY Americas firms:
total new employees

EY Americas firms: total new employees

We have made a strong commitment to diversify EY leadership. In particular, we have focused on increasing the number of new female partners at member firms, and we have seen steady growth in the percentage of new partners who are female.

Diversity is one element. But inclusiveness is essential to making the diverse mix work.

It’s about equality and opportunity — celebrating differences so that talented people from any background can rise to the top and providing opportunities for all to develop and advance from day one.

“Our internal research shows that when people feel included and free to be themselves, outcomes driven by a long-term commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, they’re more likely to stay with our organization. This authentic engagement leads to higher retention, better brand favorability and stronger financial results — all critical to our business goals.”

Karyn Twaronite
EY Americas Inclusiveness Officer

Creating a flexible workplace

We want our people to succeed personally and professionally because people are at the center of how we deliver our services to our clients. We can’t decide for each individual what that looks like because everyone has different needs. However, we do aim to create a flexible workplace that supports the needs of our people at work and outside of work.

In particular, we continually look to find ways to support and enable individuals to:

  • Work independently in an informal capacity
  • Remove barriers to virtual teaming
  • Adapt safety, health and environmental policies to cover well-being and emergency care

Empowering our people with learning and professional development

Formal learning plays a crucial role in our people’s development. We deliver focused curricula for our people, recognizing the different roles they play and the variety of experiences and learning they need throughout their development. And we continue to increase our focus on coaching and experiences alongside formal learning.

Through our formal learning programs, training activities and other informal learning opportunities, we make sustainability a fundamental component of our people’s careers and their growth within and beyond EY.

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