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2015 Greater Washington finalists

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 finalists have a lot to celebrate. They've built their dream companies. Expanded. Innovated. And now EY is recognizing them for their achievements. Help us congratulate these outstanding entrepreneurs. Join us at this year's event and see who will take home top honors.


GW_Finalist: Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce
Applied Predictive Technologies

GW_Finalist: Greg Baroni

Greg J. Baroni

GW_Finalist: Brandon Bloodworth

Brandon Bloodworth

GW_Finalist: Michael Ortner

Michael Ortner

Greater Washington finalist Craig Abod

Craig P. Abod
Carahsoft Technology Corp.

GW_Finalist: William Boland

Will Boland
CarLotz, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Michael Bor

Michael Bor
CarLotz, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Aaron Montgomery

Aaron Montgomery
CarLotz, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Oliver Carr

Oliver T. Carr, III
Carr Properties

GW_Finalist: Ike Grigoropoulos

Ike Grigoropoulos
Cava Mezze

GW_Finalist: Dimitri Moshovitis

Dimitri Moshovitis
Cava Mezze

GW_Finalist: Ted Xenohristos

Ted Xenohristos
Cava Mezze

GW_Finalist: Abhi Shah

Abhi Shah
Clutch Group

GW_Finalist: Michele Kang

Y. Michele Kang

GW_Finalist: Matt Dorman

Matthew M. Dorman
Credible Behavioral Health Software

GW_Finalist: Tony Smeraglinolo

Anthony Smeraglinolo
Engility Corporation

GW_Finalist: Tom Matzzie

Tom Matzzie
Ethical Electric

GW_Finalist: Rick Calder

Richard D. Calder, Jr.
GTT Communications, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Pallabi Saboo

Pallabi Saboo
Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC

GW_Finalist: Art Richer

Art Richer
immixGroup, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Denis McFarlane

Denis McFarlane

GW_Finalist: Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald
Kit Check, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Michael Tinsley

Michael Tinsley
NeoSystems Corp.

GW_Finalist: Sandeep Somaiya

Sandeep Somaiya

GW_Finalist: Mehul Sanghani

Mehul Sanghani
Octo Consulting Group, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Tobin Moore

Tobin Moore

GW_Finalist: Adam Vitraello

Adam Vitarello

GW_Finalist: Barry Roman

Barry Roman
Reliant Asset Management, LLC

GW_Finalist: Dave Link

David Link

GW_Finalist: Mark Segal

Mark Segal
Shady Grove Fertility

GW_Finalist: Shervin Gerami

Shervin Gerami
TeleWorld Solutions, Inc.

GW_Finalist: Jose Andres

José Andrés

GW_Finalist: Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett

GW_Finalist: Rodney Rogers

Rodney J. Rogers

GW_Finalist: Mark Drever

Mark Drever
Xcelerate Solutions