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Meet the 2016 finalists

ACA Compliance Group | Robert Stype, Managing Partner

Adore Me | Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Founder and CEO

Babyganics | Kevin Schwartz, Founder and CEO and Keith Garber, President

Baked By Melissa | Melissa Ben-Ishay, Co-founder, Brian Bushell, CEO

Barteca Restaurants | Andy Pforzheimer, CEO

BetterCloud | David Politis, Founder and CEO

Biz2Credit | Rohit Arora, Co-founder and CEO

Bombas | David Heath, Co-founder and CEO

Canary | Adam Sager, Co-founder and CEO

Casper | Philip Krim, Co-founder and CEO

City Winery | Michael Dorf, Founder and CEO

Datto, Inc. | Austin McChord, Founder and CEO

Death Wish Coffee Company | Mike Brown, Founder and Owner

Denihan | Brooke Denihan Barrett, CEO, Denihan Hospitality, Patrick Denihan, CEO, Denihan Investments

Dig Inn | Adam Eskin, Founder and CEO

DigitalOcean | Ben Uretsky, Co-founder and CEO, Moisey Uretsky, Co-founder and CPO

Fluent, LLC | Ryan Schulke, Co-founder and CEO, Matt Conlin, Co-founder and President

HEI Hotels & Resorts | Gary Mendell, Chairman

HookLogic | Jonathan Opdyke, Co-founder and CEO

Integral Ad Science | Scott Knoll, CEO

Kargo | Harry Kargman, Founder and CEO

Lafayette 148 New York | Deirdre Quinn, Co-founder and CEO

LiftForward | Jeffrey Rogers, President and CEO

Lokai | Steven Izen, Founder and CEO

nfrastructure | Dan Pickett, Chairman and CEO

Payoneer Inc. | Scott Galit, CEO

Peloton | John Foley, Founder and CEO

PEX | Toffer Grant, Founder and CEO

Pharmapacks, LLC | Andrew Vagenas, Co-founder and CEO, James Mastronardi, CFO

Ridgebury Tankers | Bob Burke, CEO

SupplyHouse.com | Josh Meyerowitz, President, Fernando Cunha, COO

The Muse | Kathryn Minshew, Co-founder and CEO

Vroom | Allon Bloch, CEO