EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Utah regional awards

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Honoring the visionary builders of our business landscape.

Each year we seek out the country’s best entrepreneurs. They are all around us — maybe you are one of them. Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself or you know one, it’s time for recognition. And what better avenue than one of the most prestigious business award programs in the country: EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Nomination eligibility

The nominee:

  • Owner/manager of a private or public company who is primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company
  • Must be in his/her role for at least two years

The company:

  • At least two years old for Emerging category candidates (companies two to five years old) and three years or more for all other categories


Definition of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be those CEOs that come on board to join an existing business and create institutional change. In doing so, these CEO/entrepreneurs assume a different kind of risk, but a risk nonetheless. In select cases, the CEO/President of a subsidiary may also qualify as an Entrepreneur. There are many situations, such as an acquired business, where the subsidiary or divisional CEO/President has a separate P&L and substantial vision and authority over strategy and execution of the grand plan for that business and, as a result, can be considered an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can also be multi generational (i.e. business passed from generation to generation). The new leadership should exhibit their own form of risk and also “make their mark” on the family business.

Whether the original founder or a non-founding CEO/entrepreneur, these individuals find creative, venturesome ways to acquire the capital resources, build their team and innovate to achieve their goals and to build and grow their business. They create value for themselves, their employees, their customers and their communities.