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2015 Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia honorees and finalists

Each of the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 finalists fulfilled a dream by turning a visionary idea into a successful enterprise. Now it’s time to recognize them for their achievements and see who will take home top honors.

2015 Master Entrepreneur

Giorgio Coraluppi

2015 Finalists

Kinesh Doshi
Accion Labs, Inc.

Cathy Mary
AEC Group, Inc.

Cathy Schnaubelt Rogers
Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear

Charlie Batch
Best of the Batch Foundation

Arnie Burchianti, II
Celtic Healthcare

Judy Bannon
Cribs for Kids, Inc.

CJ Handron
Diamond Kinetics, Inc.

Chris Edwards
Mark Edwards
Dana Edwards Manatos
Edward Marc Brands, Inc.

Michael Thomas
FeX, Inc.

Greg Petro
First Insight, Inc.

Dick Zhang
Identified Technologies

Jeanette Spofford
Justifacts Credential Verification Inc.

Chris Pacione
Pete Maher
Bill Lucas
LUMA Institute

Parag Batavia
Neya Systems, LLC

Joel Reed
OpenArc, LLC

Pam Cohen
Gail Klingensmith
Pamela’s P&G Diners

Meg Cheever
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Buddy Flerl

Jonathan Plesset
Shadyside Inn All Suites Hotel

Michael Gallup
TeleTracking Technologies, Inc.

Ian Rosenberger

Robert Tudi
Tudi Holdings, Inc.

Leonardo Curimbaba
US Electrofused Minerals, Inc.

Joe Peilert

Jason Matthews
W. Blazer Holdings