Connect, May 2012

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Welcome, EY alumni

The year 2012 will be remembered as a time of wide-ranging economic and political change. Europe, Asia and the US face seismic economic challenges. Across the continents there are political headwinds as well. From Hong Kong to Thailand, from France to Finland, and from the US to Mexico, we are witnessing more than a dozen transitions of power. Whether through elections, family succession or changes in party leadership, the country-by-country landscape could look much different at this time next year.

In view of this changing political climate, in this issue of Connect we asked several of our interviewees about the challenges ahead. In “My Point of View,” alumna Ginger Lew, who served as Senior Counsel to the White House National Economic Council and to the Small Business Administration Administrator, is convinced we have the can-do spirit. However, to support American business, she believes it’s critical for government to update the tax system, accelerate the commercialization of federally funded research and invest in infrastructure.

We also asked some of our notable alumni what they would say to the next US president-elect, given the chance. Gary Kelly, Chairman, President and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Inc., would urge the victor in the next presidential election to establish policies that foster production of the very best products and services. Specifically, he calls upon our leaders to address the need to provide accessible, quality education and to establish a coherent energy policy. And Billie Williamson, retired partner and former Americas Inclusiveness Officer at Ernst & Young LLP, would advise the President to take a close look at American values in business — demonstrated by those behaviors that led to the implosion of the financial markets.

Speaking of leadership changes, by now you’re no doubt aware that Mark Weinberger has been named to succeed Jim Turley as EY’s Global Chairman and CEO. We look forward to interviewing Mark in an upcoming issue of Connect and getting his views on the future of EY and about our continuing alumni relations efforts in particular.

We hope you enjoy the magazine.

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