Making a difference

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Our flexible work environment is the single best tool we have to support our people with differing abilities. Both informal and formal flexibility enables people with chronic health conditions or those recovering from illnesses or treatments to continue to do their jobs and better manage their lives.

We integrate ergonomics and accessibility into our offices, technologies, tools and business processes. In addition, we educate our people about diverse abilities, raise awareness of non-visible disabilities such as chronic health conditions, illnesses and mental health issues, and train on topics like disabilities-friendly etiquette, language and work habits. It is our aim to foster an understanding that all of us have a range of abilities and at times, disabilities, both long-term and temporary, such as complications of pregnancy, injuries and recovery after surgery.

Some of our achievements at Ernst & Young LLP include:

  • Becoming the first founding sponsor of the US Business Leadership Network’s Disabilities-Owned Business Enterprise Certification Program
  • Serving as the flagship sponsor of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Families of Veterans with Disabilities, an all-expenses-paid entrepreneurship “bootcamp” for family members of Iraq and Afghanistan service veterans with serious disabilities
  • Sponsoring the Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities national conference and recruiting events and participating in the Emerging Leaders intern program to help build the pipeline of talented college graduates with disabilities
  • Serving on the US Business Leadership Network’s Board of Directors, participating in the US Department of Labor’s Circle of Champions, serving on the Advisory Board for the American Association of People with Disabilities/US Business Leadership Network Disability Equality Index, and founding membership in the International Labor Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network
  • Helping found the National Business and Disabilities Council’s Accommodations Think Tank
  • Sponsoring the first Learning Disabilities in the Workplace Forum, where employers, universities, people with disabilities and specialists discussed how companies can better support employees with learning disabilities
  • Hosting the Business Taskforce on Accessible Technology/ National Business and Disability Council CIO Accessibility Forum