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By the time you read this, EY will have just concluded its Strategic Growth Forum® 2012 in Palm Springs – the most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies in America.

Thousands of the nation’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and other senior business leaders – including our own EY alumni – have attended the Forum over the past six years to share their experiences with innovation and what’s shaping the future of the global economy.

In light of this outstanding event, the time is right to recognize our EY alumni entrepreneurs. While the firm has earned a reputation as a “leadership factory” for the approximately 250 Fortune 1000 CEOs and CFOs it has pro-duced, a significantly larger number of alumni are active in the entrepreneurial space.

And it’s hardly a coincidence. Inspired by the EY culture, which rewards initiative and resourcefulness, it’s only natural that many of our alumni have themselves become entrepreneurs.

In an economy that depends on new ideas, EY cultivates innovation and creativity not only within its own organization but in the overall business community. As Mark Weinberger, EY’s CEO and Chairman-elect observes, “EY has a legacy of recognizing the remarkable accomplishments of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They play an essential role in the worldwide recovery and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

What drives alumni entrepreneurs such as Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, and the late F. Trammell Crow, real estate maverick and founder of the Trammell Crow Company?   More

EY’s multifaceted commitment to entrepreneurship is recognized in the US and around the world. Our alumni include market innovators like Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, and real estate maverick F. Trammell Crow.

Dozens of other EY alumni ply their talents at highly entrepreneurial companies. This includes alumni such as Rex Liu, Corporate Controller for Tesla Motors, a high-tech start-up out to prove that electric cars can be — as they put it — “awesome.” Read more about Rex Liu and Tesla.

Still hundreds of other EY alumni have taken the entrepreneurial plunge by launching their own businesses — everything from social media companies to biopharmaceuticals.

EY fosters entrepreneurship
For more than three decades, EY has been committed to being the world leader in advising, guiding and recognizing entrepreneurs. Through our marquis programs and resources, we convene C-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors to network, hear inspirational stories, share ideas and celebrate success.   More

Innovation should never end. While this is a core belief of all entrepreneurs, each has his or her own story of tenacity and success. At EY, we are deeply committed to supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship and maintaining a key interest in the accomplishments of these remarkable individuals.

Our well-known programs supporting Growth Markets include Entrepreneur Of The Year®, Strategic Growth Forum, Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ and Exceptional magazine. Most recently, we launched our Global IPO Center of Excellence and the Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


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