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A message to our alumni

The corporate governance landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, giving board members a lot more to think about

That includes some 200 EY alumni who serve on the boards of directors of Fortune 1000 (or equivalent) companies and the thousands more who serve on mid-size, private company and not-for-profit boards.

In this issue of Connect, we talk with former EY colleagues who choose to serve on boards and make the tough decisions. For some, it’s about looking out for the shareholder. For others, it’s an opportunity to use a lifetime of skills and experience at the highest level. And for most, it’s a way of giving back to a profession that has given so much to them.

Read the full welcome letter.

James Turley
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Jim Turley
Global Chairman
and CEO
Steve Howe
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Steve Howe
Americas Managing
Nancy Altebello
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Nancy Altobello
Americas Vice Chair,


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