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Changing times at EY

These are exciting times at EY. Did you notice I didn’t say “Ernst & Young”? That’s because on July 1 we launched our new global brand name (“EY”), logo and tagline, Building a better working world.

These changes reflect our belief that every day, every EY person (including our alumni) is part of building a better working world — for their clients, their families, their communities and themselves. Accompanying this magazine is a downloadable pamphlet that discusses Building a better working world and our underlying Vision 2020 in more detail. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it, think about it and give me your feedback.

July 1 was also significant as it’s the day Mark Weinberger became EY’s new Global Chairman and CEO. Mark is the principal architect behind our bold new Vision 2020 and is absolutely passionate about solidifying EY around our common, global purpose of building a better working world.

Read the full welcome letter.

Steve Howe
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Steve Howe
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