EY - Connect magazine, March 2014 - Monique Leroux, Cindy Taylor, and Michael Strianese

The buck stops here:

A perspective on leadership from three EY alumni CEOs

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EY alumni: on the leading edge

One of my greatest pleasures is watching people I know develop into leaders — both inside and outside of EY. In this issue of Connect, we talk to EY alumni Monique Leroux, Michael Strianese and Cindy Taylor — all CEOs of major corporations — on the subject of leadership. What does it mean to them? What are the challenges? How are they nurturing the next generation of leaders?

While their approaches to leadership may vary, our three CEOs agree on two things. First, while they find being CEOs intensely rewarding, it also means that, within their respective organizations, the buck really does stop with them. Second, all three unequivocally trace their leadership roots to the values, skills, mentoring and experiences they acquired while at EY. I could not be more proud.

Also in this issue we introduce a new section: Building a better working world. Here, we tell the story of an EY alum doing something extraordinary in improving the world around us. Every day I hear about the many things our alumni are doing to help build a better world.

However, I encourage you to read the amazing story of the vision, courage and compassion of Randy Lewis, recently retired senior vice president at Walgreens, and how his efforts there continue to benefit the disabled. I was inspired and think you will be, too.

EY’s Vision 2020 states, in part, that we will encourage the development of the people who are — and will be — the builders, the visionaries and the achievers of a better working world. When I reflect on all that Monique, Mike, Cindy, Randy and the other alumni featured in this issue are doing, I’m confident we’re on the right path.

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