Veterans are helping us build a better world

Veterans Network

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The cornerstone of our efforts is our Veterans Network, a professional resource network created by our veterans to help them connect and support one another within our organization. Its mission is “To serve as a network of military Veterans with a strong professional ethos, seeking to achieve both professional and business growth while demonstrating EY core values.”

During the past several years, our Veterans Network has grown substantially — from a local community to a national group in the US with representation throughout our service lines and regions.

With executive sponsorship at the highest levels, our Veterans Network is able to:

  • Spread the word about the value of veterans in the workplace. Members attend networking events, career fairs and panel discussions speci´Čücally directed toward veterans. This helps our veterans connect with one another, our clients and the larger veteran community.
  • Plan events and initiatives important to veterans. At bimonthly meetings, members plan communications, community projects, networking functions and professional development initiatives. Many of these projects help bring our veterans together who are in different service lines or different geographies.
  • Support a veteran peer mentoring program. This program matches new veterans to a peer mentor to help with transitioning into their role. Peer mentors help with career guidance, professional development opportunities, networking and getting acquainted with the local area.
  • Leverage our internal network to aid and help improve our local veteran’s community by getting involved in targeted organizations and participating in local events.

The Veterans Network is open to employees of EY firms, regardless of veteran status, and includes many spouses and children of veterans.