Veterans are helping us build a better world

Meet our veterans

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Whether their military service was in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, we believe veterans help our clients succeed because of their experience. Logistics, operations, performance improvement, security, risk management and IT are just some of the business functions that our veterans excel at.

Our veterans are adaptable, work well under pressure, have superior listening and communication skills and are “comfortable with the uncomfortable.” No matter what the situation, they can tackle any problem, they quickly ramp up to speed and become coaches and mentors to their peers.

They are also passionately committed to their communities, and to helping other veterans succeed. We invite you to get to know some of our outstanding EY veterans a little better. They have each leveraged their leadership skills honed in the service to lead efforts around giving back to our communities, helping veterans transition to the work in and outside EY, and helping drive EY’s veterans recruitment efforts.

EY supports Veterans - Meet Koma Gandy

Meet Koma Gandy
Currently a senior manager in the Asset Management Performance Improvement group of Ernst & Young LLP, Koma served in the United States Navy active and reserve components and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Koma helps spearhead community initiatives on behalf of EY’s Veterans Network. (Watch video)

EY supports Veterans - Meet Omar Munoz

Meet Omar Muñoz
The son and grandson of Air Force veterans, Omar achieved his lifelong ambition by serving as a Captain in the Air Force. EY’s distinctive people culture attracted Omar to our organization. Omar is a Manager in the Ernst & Young LLP Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering group and supports other veterans make a smooth transition to the workforce. (Watch video)

EY supports Veterans - Meet Jennifer Kamrowski

Meet Jennifer Kamrowski
A graduate of United States Military Academy at West Point, Jennifer served as a Captain in the US Army before joining EY. Jennifer is a senior manager in the Advisory practice at Ernst & Young LLP, Jennifer uses her leadership skills to help our clients solve their IT risk issues, as well as actively supports the firm with its veterans recruiting efforts. (Watch video)