Fall 2013 edition of EY Navigator

Vision 2020: our plan for our people, our clients and our future

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Today’s workplace, as well as our profession, is profoundly different thanks to fundamental changes driven by globalization and technology.

Increased globalization means there are new markets for goods and services and pressure on emerging market companies to compete on innovation as well as price. It also means major shifts in consumer markets, tax policy and workforce diversity.

Technology is connecting people, spreading knowledge, saving time and freeing up resources. It’s also transforming lives in the developing world.

These changes mean it’s an exciting time to start a career in our profession.

EY is responding to these changes and has a plan in place that positions us for future success and offers our people and our recruits more opportunities than ever before. We call this plan Vision 2020, and its objective is to make EY the leading global professional services organization by 2020.

EY has a proud history that reaches back more than 150 years, and over that time we have forged our reputation based on quality, trust and integrity. This will not change.

As we implement Vision 2020, we will build on this proud history and our reputation to create our future. To get there, all of our 175,000 people will be united by a new purpose, ambition and strategy.

EY- Vision 2020 Graphic

Our purpose: building a better working world

As we created Vision 2020, it became clear that a sense of purpose runs strongly through our organization. When we looked at the work we do for clients and what motivates all of us each day, we could see that everything we do contributes to building a better working world. Every audit, every tax return, every valuation and every interaction helps our clients fulfill their purposes and contribute to building a better working world.

The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

Our ambition: by 2020 we will be a US$50 billion distinctive professional services organization

Having purpose gives us energy. Being clear about our ambition helps turn that energy into results. Our purpose defines why we exist as an organization, and our ambition sets out what we want to achieve. The two are intertwined: achieving our ambition helps us to fulfill our purpose; and purpose contextualizes ambition.

Our ambition is to be distinctive; to be recognized for having the best brand; to be the most-favored employer on university campuses, to have the number one or number two market share in our chosen services and geographic markets; to enjoy market-leading growth with competitive earnings; and to have the best relationships with all our stakeholders. As a result, we will achieve a scale to our business in keeping with our bold ambition.

Our strategy: built on three pillars

  1. Focus on winning in the market by delivering exceptional client service and maximizing opportunities in markets and services
  2. Create the highest performing teams by attracting, developing and inspiring the best people and committing to a culture of world-class teaming
  3. Strengthen global, empower local by pressing our global advantage and empowering local teams

Our positioning: the highest performing teams, delivering exceptional client service, worldwide

Our positioning is an articulation of how we are, or will be, different from our competitors in the minds of our stakeholders. At EY, we believe, and our clients tell us, that at our best, our teams deliver exceptional client service. And that "exceptional" is the difference — the difference that makes us EY. So our positioning, the difference to which we aspire, is to be known for having the highest-performing teams that deliver exceptional client service worldwide.

Putting it all together

Our shared purpose of building a better working world and our plan to achieve the ambitions set forth in Vision 2020 mean that as EY grows, the careers of our people will also grow. They will have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of emerging markets, while working for an organization that is committed to their growth and development.

Recruits who join EY will be a part of high-performing teams that deliver exceptional client service because they are inclusive and instinctively value diverse perspectives. At EY, diversity and inclusiveness is not a “soft” skill; rather, it goes to the very heart of our Vision 2020 strategy. And as we strengthen our global structure, recruits who join EY will also become true global professionals.

We actively work to help all our people develop a global mindset, and recruits will have the opportunity to team across borders and service lines, both virtually and by participating in one of our mobility programs. We won’t be able to achieve our vision without the top talent you work so hard to train and prepare for careers in the global marketplace.

Personal career journeys that begin at EY last a lifetime. That is our promise to our recruits. The relationships they will develop, and the learning, experiences and coaching they receive here, mean we provide exceptional career value.

As we work together year after year to achieve Vision 2020, that exceptional career value is what helps build a better working world for our people, so they can do the same for our clients and the community as a whole.