Fall 2013 edition of EY Navigator

EY exceptional experience lasts a lifetime

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It’s one thing to tell our recruits that EY offers an exceptional experience that lasts a lifetime.  Now we can show recruits real-world examples of what the exceptional EY experience is really like — thanks to ExceptionalEY.com.

ExceptionalEY.com is a new website designed to showcase the exceptional EY experience to recruits in a whole new way. The site invites recruits to explore EY and our culture, imagine what it would be like to work here based on service line and sector interest, and initiate the application process. It’s mobile-friendly, so no matter which platform our recruits use, their experience will be identical to viewing the site from a desktop computer.

As individual brand ambassadors, we know that the stories of our own people are what resonate with recruits the most. ExceptionalEY.com gives us the chance to share those stories more broadly and give our recruits a clear view of what life at EY is really like.

We invite you to check out ExceptionalEY.com today and share it with your students.