Mutual Fund Seminar Series

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Upcoming seminar: Taking aim at the future
Accounting, tax, operational and regulatory considerations for the mutual fund industry
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
New York City


This is an invitation-only event. For more event information, contact us.

Following the global financial crisis, a new level of complexity emerged for the mutual fund industry  

To compete you must:

Innovate. To remain competitive, the mutual fund industry must forge ahead with new and fresh ideas.

Be a trusted advisor. People are looking for advice and solutions – not just products.

Have the right risk management tools. A centralized system is essential.

Act globally. A strong brand and local presence are key to leveraging international success.

Tell your story. Invest in communications, utilize social media and encourage conversations.

And like the rest of the financial services industry, mutual funds face enormous challenges: uncertain market conditions, an evolving regulatory landscape and changing responsibilities for both management and boards of directors.

Our annual mutual fund event is designed to help audit, tax and advisory professionals gain insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the asset management industry today.


Establish your risk management strategy

Establish your risk management strategy

Video 1: Risk managers foresee a continued wave of litigation. We identify the reasons why and what it means for the future of global asset management.

Video 2: Risk management has emerged as an essential business strategy. We share leading practices for starting and maintaining an effective risk program.

Prepare for new global accounting standards

Prepare for new global accounting standards

Video 3: The march toward global accounting standards continues. We examine the challenges that lie ahead.

Video 4: New guidance issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board will not only impact balance sheets, but may also call for more disclosure. We discuss how to get ready.

How the SEC changes will affect you

How the SEC changes will affect you

Video 5: What do changes at the US Securities and Exchange Commission mean for examinations? We capture what you need to know.

Video 6: The new tax change for cap-loss carry forwards requires proactive planning. We help you avoid potential pitfalls.