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International GAAP: banking financial statements

International GAAP: banking financial statements
Need help with financial statement preparation? Our report gives you an illustrative set of consolidated financial statements which reflect industry best practices.


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Financial instruments: reflecting credit in fair value
We surveyed sixteen financial institutions to obtain information on current practices for calculating CVA, DVA and credit adjustments under IFRS. Read the results.


Video: Financial statements in an IFRS world. Are they comparable?

Video: financial statements in an IFRS world
Our professionals share their insights on comparability and conversion to IFRS.


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SEC reaffirms commitment to IFRS
The SEC voted unanimously to publish a statement reaffirming its commitment to a single set of global accounting standards. Read the details.


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Credit crisis puts IFRS 7 financial reporting to the test
Has IFRS brought more transparency to financial reporting? We analyze several first year IFRS 7 disclosures to give you an insider perspective.


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Converting to IFRS: effects on US banking
To avoid surprises during an IFRS conversion, it is critical that various functional business areas be involved at the onset. Learn how IFRS conversion will affect your entire organization.


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Don't delay when converting from GAAP to IFRS 
Two rules relating to valuation of derivatives and asset securitization may pose formidable challenges to banks making the switch from U.S. GAAP to IFRS.


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Video: are you ready for IFRS?
Hear what industry leaders have to say about the impact of IFRS on global capital markets, its effect on financial reporting, and the overall importance of adopting the standard in the US.