Managing change with OTC derivatives reforms

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With OTC derivatives global regulatory reform comes sweeping changes for all financial institutions. We provide practical OTC derivatives advisory services to our clients worldwide, delivered by a cross-functional team of experienced professionals.

Our global reach
Our professionals have extensive experience serving banking clients across all phases of the OTC derivatives implementation life cycle, with both buy- and sell-side firms globally. Our knowledge spans global regulatory regimes, including Dodd-Frank and its equivalent global reform initiatives (EMIR, MiFID, OSFI, etc.).

How we make a difference
Our seasoned multi-disciplinary team is adept in client on-boarding and reporting, trade execution, clearing, collateral and margining, risk management and regulatory reporting designed to deliver insight and execution.

Read our most recent OTC derivatives thought leadership to learn more about how your business can prepare for OTC derivatives global regulatory change.

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This article, which appeared in Compliance Reporter's 2 May 2011 issue, discusses considerations relating to important issues that deserve CCO attention, including CCO designation, registration and clearing.