Retail banking’s new consumer business strategies

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With regulatory and political interventions changing the market structure and consumer loyalty and trust at all time lows, banks must learn to adapt new strategies and strive to restore consumer confidence. Our thought leadership offers the latest insights into consumer protection, customer complaints and strategic approaches to loss mitigation.

Will Honeymoon Period for CFPB End in 2012Will Honeymoon Period for CFPB End in 2012?
Featured in American Banker, Amy Brachio, Ernst & Young LLP, discusses the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and actions taken by the agency on supervision, infrastructure and education.
Effectively leveraging consumer complaints for competitive advantageEffectively leveraging consumer complaints for competitive advantage
Are financial services organizations ready and able to improve complaint management processes in a way that meets customer expectations, ensures regulatory compliance and improves operational effectiveness? Problem resolution.
Publication cover: Perceptions of customer complaint managementPerceptions of customer complaint management
To gauge readiness and potential opportunities regarding customer complaint management, we interviewed executives regarding problem resolution, process improvement and more. See the results.
Publication cover: Focusing on your customerThe shift of power from banks to customers
With consumer loyalty and trust at all-time lows and regulatory changes posing new hurdles, banks are under pressure to restore consumer confidence. Our recent global retail banking survey highlights key changes banks need to make to "crack the code" on customer-centricity.
Photo: Business woman writing on whiteboard CFO report: the new era of banking regulation
In our fifth CFO report, we examine how global banks are recalibrating their business in an industry altered by post-crisis regulatory reforms.
Cover: Consumer complaints: enhancing complaint resolution to drive growthA new consumer protection regime
The credit crisis has led to an increased regulatory focus on consumer financial protection across the financial services industry. Responding with a proactive, customer-driven approach will not only help avoid criticism and perhaps violation-related penalties, but may generate benefits from delivering an improved customer experience that drives growth.
Regulatory implications for private  fund advisorsImproving the loss mitigation process
Despite recent signs of recovery, loan servicers are still struggling with the volume of loans in default as a result of the housing crisis.  In the aftermath of this housing crisis, efffectively handling of loss mitigation requires a strategic approach. Read our perspective.
Positioning for changeNew post-crisis strategies for retail banks
As retail banks face challenges ranging from weak economic growth to regulatory restrictions which impinge on allowable fees and interest rate levels, increase capital requirements and raise the cost of doing business, they need strategies that rebuild client trust. What ideas should retail bankers consider as they develop new strategies?
Cover: American BankerPrepare for new consumer rules
Featured in American Banker, Amy Brachio, Ernst & Young LLP, discusses the topic of consumer financial protection and addresses the development of a road map to successfully navigate the new regulatory landscape. Read more in "Prepare for new consumer rules."
Cover: American BankerWalk the walk: regain their trust
An E&Y survey reveals the importance of rebuilding customers' trust as banks compete for retail deposits. Clayton Baker, EY, outlines three clear priority areas emerging alongside rebuilding trust in "Walk the Walk: Regain Their Trust" as featured in American Banker.
Businessman Standing at ATMGlobal Retail Banking Survey
How can banks create higher customer satisfaction and loyalty? Read the results of our survey and use our interactive global map.