Pharma 3.0: Meeting the challenge

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Pharma 3.0 is rapidly taking shape. This new health ecosystem promises improved health outcomes for patients, new partnerships with non-traditional players and economic benefits for health care systems. To create the new business models that will redefine the industry, a new customer-focused strategy is needed.

Carolyn Buck Luce, EY's Global Life Sciences Market Leader, and a panel of industry leaders discuss the emerging transformational strategies and key questions, such as:

  • What do life sciences companies need to do to adapt their strategies for success in 3.0?
  • What are the skills and organizational capabilities needed to participate in disruptive new business models?
  • How do you go about implementing the changes that will be needed?
  • What can life sciences companies learn from other industries?

Play the Pharma 3.0 webcast 1 minute recap
the one-minute recap from our recent Webcast: Pharma 3.0 - Meeting the Challenge

Play the Pharma 3.0 webcast excerpt featuring panelist Bill Crown
to Bill Crown. President, OptumInsight, discuss the latest shifts in the health care ecosystem. Can your life sciences company improve its communications with payers and practitioners?


Watch the full on-demand webcast as industry leaders debate the capabilities and business models needed to succeed in the new health ecosystem