MLPs: mastering the limited partnership

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Master limited partnerships (MLPs) have helped fuel growth and diversification in the energy sector, and, in particular, in the oil and gas industry. Although the pace of new entrants into the MLP market has slowed over the past couple of years, prior growth in the MLP market mirrored the rapid growth in domestic energy production.

Despite the recent slowdown, with changes in the US Presidential Administration and somewhat stabilized confidence in commodity pricing, companies have a renewed interest in MLPs. Company executives and board members are reevaluating and considering the “MLP journey” for their own energy companies.

In the current economic environment, the decision to move forward to becoming a publicly traded MLP is not a simple one; a thorough, unbiased evaluation is critical. Further, it is imperative that companies and executives understand what is at stake, what factors and influences could shape the decision and have long-term impacts on the ability to raise capital and thrive in any market condition.

We can provide a wide range of planning and advisory services to companies interested in becoming an MLP or learning more about the MLP market, as well as other similar structures, including Up-Cs, REITs, and YieldCos. With a full suite of services, we can assist you and your company through all stages from idea to execution and beyond.

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