Health Care Industry Post library: news and analysis

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Health Care Industry Post, formerly Provider Post, is a periodic publication offering timely news and analysis about health care provider and payer issues. We help you understand the latest industry trends, market developments and government mandates and assess their impact on your organization.

EY - Transforming revenue cycle managementTransforming revenue cycle management
Traditional approaches to managing the revenue cycle will need to evolve to serve the needs of US health care providers as they adapt to changing economic conditions where the lines between financial and clinical goals are blurred.
EY - Improving supply chain performanceProvider Post: improving supply chain performance
When most providers try cutting costs, they reduce staff or stuff. Need to cut more? Look to your supply chain. This issue of Provider Post looks at the changing landscape and emerging opportunities for improved supply chain management.
EY - Rethinking real estate strategiesRethinking real estate strategies: responding to the new catalysts for change
Recent regulatory, accounting and market developments may cause providers to rethink their long-term real estate needs and ownership strategies. Explore catalysts for change and plan your strategic response.
EY - Provider Post data storage final for distribution publication coverHealth care data storage and records management
Advanced electronic health record (EHR) technology, increasing storage needs for digital images and a surge of new patient data adds up to a growing concern for the health care industry. How well does your organization manage? We can help you do better.
EY - Goodwill impairmentGoodwill impairment testing: meeting the new requirements for not-for-profit health care organizations
If you're a not-for-profit health care organization, recent accounting guidance will change how you account for goodwill and other intangible assets. Follow our nine action steps for a successful response.
EY - Provider post: MarchFinding the way forward: becoming a meaningful user of electronic health records
The federal government provides incentive payments for adopting electronic health records – but only for those who can show they are using this technology effectively. Determine your payment preparedness.
EY - Provider post: FebruaryPursuing ARRA funds: opportunities, implications and considerations
The stimulus bill provides a wealth of funding for health care providers, yet compliance and reporting requirements create unique challenges. Assess the opportunities and their implications.
EY - Cracking the code Cracking the code: capturing the benefits of ICD-10
The transition to the ICD-10 coding system brings many benefits and challenges. Take an in-depth look at its potential impact on your organization's people, processes and technology.
EY - Merging for strategy Merging for strategy, stability or survival: unlocking the value in health care M&A
Provider care organizations use mergers and acquisitions to pursue strategies, seek stability or ensure survival. Explore the drivers of consolidation and factors to consider in M&A strategic decision-making.