Bringing excellence to scale in patient care

New horizons - 2013 health care industry report

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EY - Bringing excellence to scale in patient care

Health care providers and payers are working together to eliminate barriers between silos of service and information that have long been the industry norm — with the goal of creating more seamless, cost-effective and patient-centered care. Innovations range from safety strategies and quality initiatives to steps that enhance patient comfort, convenience and the overall health care experience.

The ultimate destination is a shared model of high-­quality care, where providers and payers collaborate on the best approach for managing patient health and engaging patients in their own health management.

Considerations for your board and executive leaders

For providers

  • How are you encouraging innovation at the front line to enhance the care process and the patient experience?
  • Have you created an open environment in which patients can ask questions and patient care teams can readily assist patients in removing any barriers to effective self-care?
  • How are you fostering staff understanding of the patient experience and its relationship to clinical outcomes — and to your organization’s financial success?

For payers

  • What initiatives are you implementing to provide hospitals and physicians with tools and information that support quality improvement?
  • How are you providing patients with information on the quality and safety of medical services, as well as technologies that enable better decision-making? How are you motivating and supporting members in adhering to treatment protocols and in being their own care managers? Are you providing educational opportunities or incentives to promote compliance with post-discharge instructions? Are you pairing patients, or using group sessions or other methods, to enable patients to interact with others who suffer from similar conditions, thereby promoting a supportive environment that encourages following post­discharge instructions?