Mitigating shortages and maximizing resources in the workforce

New horizons - 2013 health care industry report

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Central to the vision of an efficient, integrated and patient-centered health care system is a high­performing workforce that can seamlessly adapt to change and advance delivery improvements.

Despite a surging demand in health care occupations throughout the current decade, critical shortages persist in the health care workforce. Federal and state health care reforms have taken aim at the workforce shortage and encouraged adoption of innovative approaches to care, leveraging health professionals in more effective ways.

Considerations for your board and executive leaders

For all health care organizations

  • How are you preparing for the workforce of the future to understand the changing needs of your organization’s customers, maximize in-demand resources and support a team­based approach to service delivery and customer support?
  • What are your strengths as an employer, and how are you communicating those strengths in your recruitment outreach? In recruiting, do you continuously evaluate your practices against leading industry practices?
  • What innovations are in place to recruit and develop from within — and to retain employees with highly valued skills?
  • Have you explored options for supporting new venues of care, including retail clinics, home care and telemedicine, or for partnering with other community and regional organizations to provide these services cooperatively?

For providers

  • How are you evaluating the impact of post-reform initiatives on your workforce models, including team-based delivery, clinical technology innovations and payments that influence clinician behavior?
  • Are employees encouraged to take the initiative in improving collaboration in service delivery and patient support and follow-up?

For payers

  • What steps have you taken to scale up resources in preparation for health insurance exchanges, a potentially dramatic increase in the number of insured members and a business focus on the growing individual market?