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About the EY Center for Board Matters

Effective corporate governance is an important element in building a better working world. The Center for Board Matters is committed to bringing together and engaging with boards, audit committee members and investors to exchange ideas and insights.

Using our professional competencies, relationships and proprietary corporate governance database, we are able to identify trends and emerging governance issues. This allows us to deliver timely and balanced insights, data-rich content and practical tools and analysis to boards, audit committees, institutional investors and others interested in governance topics.

Hot topics and related content


Cyber attacks can occur anytime, anywhere. It's critical for company boards to ask the right questions, set the proper tone and determine oversight responsibility.

Shareholder engagement

In this evolving governance landscape, maintaining constructive ongoing relationships with shareholders has more payoff potential than ever.


Sustainability affects every part of an organization, so today's board member should be up-to-date on corporate sustainability trends and requirements.