Board Matters Quarterly, April 2014

Balancing the risks and rewards of technology

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Today’s digital landscape is changing rapidly and the risks can escalate quickly.

Cloud computing, mobile technology and social media can help an organization achieve its business goals, but boards need to pay close attention to the associated risks. We discuss the challenges and opportunities of current digital technologies, and provide questions for boards and audit committees to consider.

In this issue:

Putting your trust in the cloud
Cloud computing can provide organizations many benefits, but it’s important to build a secure, trusted and audit-ready environment to help avoid the dangers.

Computing beyond the borders of your business
Many board members and employees use mobile devices to access data and perform their jobs. We explore how to develop a secure and successful mobile program.

The business of social media
Social media can be a powerful business tool, but it can come with some risks. A well-planned and executed strategy is critical.

Financial reporting update
We review new revenue standards as well as private company reporting and regulatory developments.