Corporate governance resources

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Effective corporate governance creates a safer, sounder corporate environment for companies, shareholders and auditors and builds trust and confidence in the capital markets.

In order to be effective and gain the confidence of investors, boards and management should be aware of investor priorities and emerging governance practices.

We offer balanced insights and data-rich content and analysis that foster alignment and bridges gaps among management, boards of directors and investors.

Our insights and content are supported through our proprietary corporate governance database, relationships with outside governance organizations and ongoing conversations with members of the investor and governance community.

We collect and analyze governance data for more than 3,000 of the largest publicly traded US companies. The data focuses on trends in board and committee composition and organization, including leadership structures, diversity and election procedures; executive compensation; proxy statement disclosure practices; and management and shareholder proposals and vote results.

Our library provides information on evolving issues and current topics of interest related to corporate governance.

Featured items


ISS Benchmark Policy Consultation

This piece summarizes the possible changes to ISS' US voting policies, indicates the likely impact of the changes on shareholder votes, and provides links so that interested parties can find out more and respond.

Diversity drives diversity

Survey data reveals that incremental changes may be transformative over time: putting women on the board and in leadership roles drives further diversification.