XBRL: how we can help

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XBRL has increased increase the speed, accuracy and usability of financial information over time — with the hope of eventually reducing costs. But it doesn’t make the task of compliance any easier on you and your internal resources.

We can help with both the planning and execution:


We can:

  • Help your personnel understand all detail-tagging requirements, including the standard taxonomy, other available tags and the use of dimensions.
  • Monitor SEC updates, including the EDGAR Filer Manual, interactive data FAQs and compliance and disclosure interpretations.
  • Discuss requirements and risks with your audit committee, legal counsel, auditor and any third-party service providers to establish expectations and suggest process.
  • Review the calendar for the entity’s financial close to establish a timeline for creating, reviewing and approving XBRL exhibits.


We can:

  • Perform procedures on XBRL formatted to assess compliance with the SEC rules, including:
  • Provide feedback on the tags selected and with appropriate attributes and dimension relationships for notes and schedules — and ascribing levels-of-concern where needed.
  • Document tag selections, including how specific tags were chosen and decisions made.
  • Advise the audit committee on agreed upon procedures that provide confidence to the entity in its XBRL process.
  • Work with you to bring XBRL creation in-house.