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In today’s environment, an effective and efficient finance function is critical to corporate performance.


Financial Accounting Advisory Services

EY - Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Whether triggered by changing regulations, the need for more efficient processes or changes to your corporate structure and how it is financed, the expectations of your finance team have never been higher. At the same time, you are always under pressure to reduce the cost of the finance function.

Wherever you sit within the finance function, you are increasingly expected to be involved in company strategy while keeping up with demand for more transparency from shareholders and regulators. You must respond rapidly to market opportunities and maintain compliance with accounting and financial reporting changes.


Find out more about how our Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) professionals can help.


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EY - Ken Marshall Ken Marshall
Americas FAAS Leader
EY - Myles J. Corson Myles J. Corson
Americas FAAS Markets Leader


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