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Tax considerations

Why you need to bring tax into your sustainability strategy

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Read below to find out how EY can help your company to take advantage of the incentives, credits and allowances.

EY - The role of tax as a catalyst for changeThe role of tax as catalyst for change
Can tax act as a catalyst for climate change action? Our survey assesses how tax measures are playing an increasingly important role in changing behaviors on the climate change agenda.

EY - Cover: CCaSS tax brochureTax opportunities to lower costs and generate revenue in the low-carbon economy
Read about the different tax opportunities that may be available to your company to help you lower costs and generate revenue in the low-carbon economy.

EY - Cover: Advanced energy manufacturing tax creditIRC Section 48C: advanced energy manufacturing tax credit
Section 48C was designed to strengthen domestic manufacturing for clean energy and create jobs. It applies to facilities that make products that will reduce GHG emissions or air pollutants. Successful 2010 applicants have included wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers, and producers of fuel-efficient tires and jet engines. This tax credit is anticipated to be extended by congress in 2011.

EY - Cover: Energy efficiency commercial building tax deduction IRC Section 179D: energy efficiency tax deduction for commercial buildings/government assignment of tax deduction
Section 179D offers a deduction for installing energy efficient commercial building equipment, including lighting, VAC and building environment. Find out whether your building improvements qualify and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your building’s efficiency, reduce operational costs and be a good corporate citizen.

EY - Cover: Using tax credits as an effective tax rate management toolUsing tax credits as an effective tax rate management tool
Some of the most underused effective tax rate management tools are tax credit investments. The government has created a number of targeted tax credit programs to encourage investment in renewable energy, developing affordable housing and supporting low-income communities. Learn how you can take advantage of the dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal tax liability in exchange for capital.

EY - Renewables energy_issue 26United States renewable energy attractiveness indices
This quarterly report discusses the most recent indices for wind, solar, biomass and geothermal technologies, as well as an overall score for all renewable energy technologies.