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Pioneer: a person who leads the way in any field of inquiry, enterprise or progress. Thinking about the daring business leaders we profile in this issue, I cannot offer a better way to characterize them.

And that is not surprising. Because what high-growth entrepreneurs have always shown us are new paths to success, whether in delighting us with innovative new products and services, solving thorny problems in unconventional ways or determining how we, as a society, will improve the way we care for each other.

Pioneers, indeed. In fields as diverse as private equity, bio-agriculture, dining and health care, the business leaders featured here have blazed new trails.

Take David Rubenstein, our cover profile. Co-founder and Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, David caused waves in the private equity sector by revolutionizing the way his firm went to market. While private equity firms had traditionally offered one fund, he took the bold move to offer multiple funds of different types and on a global basis. More than 25 years later, the breadth and depth of these funds demonstrate the value and impact of the innovative strategy he helped bring to market.

Take Pam Marrone. Combining two degrees in entomology with significant business acumen and a passion for discovery, Pam is redefining pest management, away from traditional chemical insecticide treatments to the use of safe biopesticides derived from nature. She’s finding safer options where no one else thought to look.

Take Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente. Tyson, a 30-year veteran of this vast health care enterprise, believes high-quality health care can be made affordable in part by infusing health care delivery with the kind of innovation that has transformed other industries.

Along with these stories, you’ll also find features on how dynastic family companies create enduring value, where and how capital is being invested around the world, and how to supply the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Herb Engert
Americas Leader, Growth Markets, EY

Exceptional magazine: Americas edition, July 2013

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