The brand new order:

creating value for the consumer and your company

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Session recap

Value through innovation: CP companies thrive on the new

How are consumer product sector leaders creating value in the modern marketplace? That was the topic on everyone’s minds at the Forum session “The brand new order: creating value for the consumer and your company.”

Using a “reverse marketing model” that leverages social media to build awareness was the critical success factor for Jeff Davis, President & CEO, Orabrush Inc. YouTube has proven to be a boon for the company, which has achieved notoriety as one of the most subscribed sponsor sites by achieving 50 million video views.

Davis said he believes most consumer product companies have not invested enough in social media and contended that generational barriers may keep companies from fully leveraging the tools available. Put youth on your side, he advised, and “get some people under the age of 25 to serve as ’reverse mentors’ to you.”

Laura Becker, General Manager, Global Business Development, The Procter & Gamble Company, said her company focuses on a three-prong approach that emphasizes clarity, innovation and productivity. They reject the “not invented here” syndrome, she said, because partnering with outside companies has allowed the consumer products giant to move faster into entirely new product areas.

Gustavo Bernhoeft, CEO, Chilli Beans USA, said his company, which began as a single sunglasses kiosk in Brazil, was “born to change an industry” and has gained competitive advantage by “handling all aspects of our business — from design to retail.” That’s key, because it allows the company to act swiftly on changing consumer tastes in sunglasses and watches. “We introduce 40 new designs of sunglasses each week,” he noted.

”Be ruthless about where you will and won’t compete,” advised Billy Cyr, President & CEO, Sunny Delight Beverages Co. He said that Sunny Delight recently acquired product lines from Kraft. “We call ourselves ‘big company refugees,’” said Cyr. One way Sunny Delight moves faster and avoids “corporate bloat” is by staffing only up to the level required to perform 90% of the work on their collective plates. “That last 10% of work will just go away,” he said.

Also, Sunny Delight has aggressively welcomed challenges in the consumer products sector, such as the drive for healthier products. “We reached our goal of having our products average 50 calories per serving — four years ahead of schedule,” Cyr said. “And instead of putting calorie information on the back of the package, we put it right up front.”


Jeff Davis photo

Jeff Davis
President & CEO
Orabrush Inc.

Gustavo Bernhoeft photo

Gustavo Bernhoeft
Chilli Beans USA

Billy Cyr photo Billy Cyr
President & CEO
Sunny Delight Beverages Co.
Laura Becker photo Laura Becker
General Manager, Global Business Development
The Procter & Gamble Company


Patricia Novosel photo

Patricia Novosel
Americas Consumer Products Leader
Ernst & Young LLP