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Session recap

Revolutionary change: modeling health

In Thursday’s lively panel discussion, “The third place: health care everywhere,” the watchword was change. With Howard Brooks, Americas Life Sciences Leader, Ernst & Young, as the moderator, panelists discussed change in the way health care is delivered, from bricks and mortar to virtual; change in who controls health information, from insurance companies and doctors to patients; and change in the health care model, from provider-centric to patient-centric.

Kathy Lancaster, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning, Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Health Plan, Inc., said Kaiser has had 10 million doctor e-visits this year. Douglas F. Busch, Sr. VP, Chief Operating Officer, Care Innovations, added that a doctor-patient relationship is “incredibly important, but it’s only a fraction of the story about their health.”

Though disruptive technology is the driver of these changes, “I’ve always been amazed at how slowly health care evolves,” said Adele C. Oliva, Partner, Quaker Partners. But the pace is speeding up. Mobile technology, for instance, allows for home-based diagnosis. Oliva said she expects the lab industry to change over to a 50% home-based industry in the next few years.

One of the challenges of moving to a “health care everywhere” model is capturing and engaging patients. Nancy Briefs, CEO, InfoBionic, noted, “There are over 40,000 health apps, but only 45% of people have downloaded and used them. So, people need to be incented, motivated and engaged.”

Oliva contrasted developing an app to developing a drug, noting that an app is much less expensive than a drug. “Really, the cost isn’t around developing the app, but the adoption and trying to capture the ultimate customer in that model,” she said.

With these kinds of disruptive changes in mind, Busch noted, “Creativity in the business model is going to be as important as creativity in the technology itself.”


Nancy Briefs photo

Nancy Briefs

Douglas F.  Busch photo

Douglas F. Busch
Sr. VP, Chief Operating Officer
Care Innovations

Kathy Lancaster photo

Kathy Lancaster
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning
Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Health Plan, Inc.

Adele C. Oliva photo

Adele C. Oliva
Quaker Partners


Howard Brooks photo

Howard Brooks
Americas Life Sciences Leader
Ernst & Young LLP

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