The IPO: a transformation, not a transaction

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A successful listing on one of the world's capital markets, while always the culmination of months or years of hard work, can provide benefits such as:

  • Access to financing to complete a strategic acquisition
  • Opportunities to expand your business into new markets
  • An exit opportunity for your private equity or other investors
  • Improved perceptions of your business and brand with customers, suppliers and employees

An IPO marks a turning point in the life of a company. Exceptional enterprises don't view an IPO as simply a financial transaction, but rather, recognize it as a complex transformation from private to public and start their IPO journey well-informed and well-prepared.

IPOs and strategic transactions at the 2017 US Strategic Growth Forum

“A CEO’s guide to strategic transactions” is the theme of this special program at this year’s US Strategic Growth Forum, which will be held in Palm Springs, CA, November 15-19, 2017. In this session, which will take place Wednesday, November 15, you’ll join other C-suite executives to hear about the latest outlook on the capital markets and learn strategies to prepare your company for a successful IPO or other strategic transaction.

Learn more about the program and how to receive an invitation. 

EY webcast: "Looking behind the declining number of public companies – trends in US capital markets and the impact on capital formation."

  • The decline in the total number of US public companies
  • The attractiveness of US public capital markets today
  • The growing vibrancy of private capital markets
  • Recent policy actions impacting capital formation

Originally aired June 15, 2017 and now available on demand.

Livestream: The future of IPOs: are you ready to embrace the change?

The public market is evolving, and several emerging trends are shaping how companies operate and grow. What does this mean for the existing IPO landscape?

In this Livestream event from May 18, 2017, we explored the impact of innovation and regulatory change on how businesses successfully plan for growth as they go from private to public.

Watch the event now.

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