Make talent your job

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Session recap: A talent for talent

Talent can be both your company’s greatest advantage and challenge. Three panelists—two CEOs and one CFO—shared their thoughts on talent recruitment, development and retention.

When it comes to recruitment – gathering the right talent for your company – attitude comes first. If having to choose between experience and attitude, all panelists said they would go with attitude every time. They also seek to recruit (and develop) diverse teams, which lead to broader thinking and better solutions.

Developing talent takes time; accordingly, you have to make it a priority and dedicate time to it; one panelist said he regularly allocates half his meeting time to development – either on an individual or organizational level.

Each panelist shared their top tip on retention: Expose employees to new experiences and ideas, i.e., have fun! Through engaging employees, foster in them pride in the organization. Appreciate your employees – though it seems like common sense, lack of appreciation is the #1 reason employees leave.

By prioritizing talent recruitment, development and retention, you can make talent your key differentiator and catalyst for growth.

Make talent your job


Nancy A. Altobello speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Nancy A. Altobello
EY Americas Vice Chair, Talent



Edward S. Baumstein speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Edward S. Baumstein
President & CEO

Robert A. DiMuccio speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Robert A. DiMuccio
Chairman, President and CEO
Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Tom Schoewe speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Tom Schoewe
Retired EVP & CFO
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.