Sally Field, Academy Award-, Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress, director and producer, interviewed by Deborah Norville

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Session recap

Sally Field has enjoyed a long and storied career in Hollywood, winning the award trifecta—Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe—as a result of her dedication to her craft and ceaseless perseverance.

But Field is hardly one to rest on her laurels, admitting that, even with five decades of accolades under her belt, she’s still driven by the desire to get better and to improve her product, which as an actor is her personal brand and how she is perceived by audiences and industry decision makers.

Field likened this drive to the same one that inspires entrepreneurs. “There is this gnawing sensation…some part of you that will not be quieted,” she said, adding that most successful actors have learned to understand and master the entrepreneurial aspect of show business.

“It can never be about who you were 10, 15, 20 years ago, in any field,” she said, emphasizing the importance of being true to yourself at every stage.

Field went on to describe how she had to sell herself as the right actor for the role of Mary Todd Lincoln in the film “Lincoln.” Steven Spielberg was concerned that she wouldn’t have the right chemistry with Daniel Day Lewis, who played Lincoln, but she pressed for the role and convinced Spielberg to give her a screen test.

“Every now and then, I get an attitude of damn, I will not be beaten. I knew in my gut…that this role was mine.”

Field not only got the role but she received wide industry recognition for it, including an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination, proving once again that, yes, people still really do like Sally Field.

Keynote speaker
Sally Field speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Sally Field
Academy Award-, Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress, director and producer

Two-time Academy Award-winning, two-time Emmy-winning and two-time Golden Globe-winning actress, director and producer Sally Field has been one of the most versatile and durable talents in Hollywood for more than 50 years. Sally is a delightful presence on the lecture stage as she draws on the triumphant struggles of her own life in inspiring others to achieve their dreams. She describes how she gradually won control over her artistic career in an industry notorious for denying such control — beginning with her breakthrough performance in the landmark miniseries Sibyl in 1976 and continuing with her brilliant Oscar-winning performances in Norma Rae and Places in the Heart, which cemented her status as one of the world’s greatest actresses. Sally also discusses her Emmy-winning roles as Dr. Abby Lockhart’s bipolar mother on ER, her recent acclaimed Broadway performance in Edward Albee’s Who Is Sylvia and her recent Oscar-nominated role as Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. An independent woman of fierce determination and dazzling talents, Sally is an inspiration to audiences everywhere.

Interviewed by
Deborah Norville speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Deborah Norville
Inside Edition

Veteran journalist Deborah Norville has been Anchor of Inside Edition since March 1995. Ratings jumped 15% the week the two-time Emmy winner joined the series, which is now the nation’s top-rated syndicated newsmagazine. Norville is also a best-selling author. Her latest book, The Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success, provides a timely explanation of the measurable increases in productivity, creativity and other benefits that result from respectful behavior. The book follows her New York Times Best Seller, Thank You Power: Making the SCIENCE of Gratitude Work for YOU. It is her work in television that’s made Deborah a household name. As Anchor of Inside Edition, she has covered a wide variety of stories and events. She broadcast from Washington, DC, hours after the terror attacks of September 11, was in Rome for the funeral of Pope John Paul II, anchored Inside Edition’s coverage of the funeral of former President Ronald Reagan and the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and is regularly on the red carpet for Hollywood’s star-studded events, including the Oscars and the Emmy Awards.