Leadership matters: what’s on the minds of leading CEOs, moderated by Geoff Colvin

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Session recap

What do the leaders of high-technology company SAP Americas, reloadable bank card company Green Dot Corporation and measurement and information company Nielsen have in common? A taste for predicting the future, as attendees discovered at the panel, Leadership matters: what’s on the minds of leading CEOs.

The panelists tackled a wide range of topics. First up was the explosive growth of the global middle class. By 2030, experts expect the middle class to increase from 2 billion to 5 billion people. It took 120 years to create a robust middle class in the US, and it will take the rest of the world about 15 years to catch up. This influx of new consumers will change the business landscape – and will never happen again. The panelists agreed that it will affect every company, global or not, so start planning now.

On being a disruptor, not the disrupted, David Calhoun, CEO of Nielsen, offered an interesting twist – embrace your would-be disruptors. With a simple change in attitude, Nielsen has turned its would-be disruptors, social media companies, into its biggest partners.

Their final look into the future was advice for young people hoping to forge a great career in the current climate. They said, be aware of the emerging world, develop self-confidence and be passionate about what you do, and you can accomplish anything.

Warch the full conversation below. 

Leadership matters: what’s on the minds of leading CEOs


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Geoff Colvin speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Geoff Colvin
Senior Editor-at-Large
FORTUNE magazine

David Calhoun speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

David Calhoun

Rodolpho Cardenuto speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Rodolpho Cardenuto
SAP Americas

Steve Streit speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Steve Streit
President & Chief Executive Officer
Green Dot Corporation