Breakfast session – Cybersecurity: a board-level concern

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Session recap

Cybersecurity is more than an IT issue — it’s a material concern that demands the board’s attention. As such, boards must address it and ensure that it’s mitigated effectively.

Panelists noted that boards need to remain transparent, be clear about metrics, understand who’s assigned to report to the board and make sure they have the resources to deliver. In turn, information security groups need to thoroughly understand the business and the risks they face before making recommendations to combat cyber threats.

It’s important that security groups communicate with divisional leaders to understand concerns. This will inform cybersecurity planning and improve its overall effectiveness. Cybersecurity is a cultural issue requiring top-down expectations — everyone plays a role in mitigating cyber risk. Low-cost training programs are an effective way to reach the audience that can unintentionally unleash many threats: employees.

A multi-stakeholder, multi-faceted issue, cybersecurity can affect the entire company by interrupting business, creating bad press and harming a brand. Become resilient – it will enhance your business processes. But it’s dependent upon addressing cybersecurity proactively rather than reactively.

Cybersecurity: a board-level concern




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