The vital entrepreneur: high impact at its best

Public companies

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A model of operational rigor

Each high-impact entrepreneurial model has something to teach us. In the case of public companies, these firmly established global players display the operational rigor that every entrepreneur can and should emulate.

Public companies, like all the best high-impact entrepreneurial businesses, are focused on the future. They see their next transformation coming, and they begin preparing for it well ahead of time.

Our public company finalists generally launched their business as a private company using various financing sources, but they planned for — and eventually chose to access — the public capital markets.

EY - The vital entrepreneur

You would think, given their larger size and longer history, that public companies would experience slower growth as their organizations expand — but not our finalists. These high-impact organizations still outperform their peers, creating double-digit growth year after year.

What’s their secret? It’s their commitment to continual renewal — innovating and re-inventing their model to maintain market leadership. They combine this with discipline and a laser focus on executing what matters, while directing funds, talent and strategic thinking toward their goals.

Winning the talent wars

Public companies often have a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining the right talent because they can offer financial compensation and perks that other companies can’t match. Their well-known brands and national and international presence alone make them attractive places to work.

They also have the analytical tools and transparency into their own organizations — and those of competitors — to develop great compensation plans. These can include stock options and other forms of equity participation that are a near-requirement for attracting great C-suite talent.