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PE-backed companies

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Streamlining for growth

Private equity is alive and well, and it continues to be a relevant ownership model for many of our finalists (19%). That’s because PE funding encourages outperformance by driving efficiency and strategic improvements, even in the harshest economic climate.

When entrepreneurs seek private equity, they’re not just looking for capital — they’re looking for a strong partner to help them manage the company and drive exponential growth, often culminating in an immensely profitable sale.

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Why PE?

Entrepreneurs reap rich rewards from their PE relationships. PE firms specialize in partnering with companies to help them grow through:

  • Strategic alignment focused on revenue growth, both organically and through acquisitions
  • Geographic expansion
  • Access to broader networks
  • Operational improvements
  • Efficiencies and standardization

This focus on alignment and efficiencies drives PE-backed companies’ competitive advantage. PE helps entrepreneurs establish stronger companies with more aggressive growth strategies, access to a wider range of capital, a greater geographic footprint and stronger opportunities for organic growth.

Our PE-backed finalists are spread throughout the retail and consumer products, technology, financial services and health care sectors. At a median of 12 years, they’re middle of the pack in terms of age and, as one would expect, much larger than their VC-funded counterparts.

In fact, their median revenue is more than 50% higher than all of our finalists, and they have the largest median headcount, too.