Better Innovation

Stories of how innovation is reshaping and transforming business

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The Better Innovation podcast series

Better Innovation is a podcast series hosted by EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano, featuring interviews with innovation thought leaders across all industries. It explores stories of how innovation is reshaping and transforming business in an inextricably digital world. Topics covered in this series include business model innovation, emerging trends, advanced technologies and fostering an innovation culture inside organizations.

Innovation within Government: How Adoption of Advanced Technologies Can Benefit Society

Episode 5: 32 minutes

Governments around the world are increasingly turning to advanced technologies, big data sets, and analytic tools to improve their decisions. Blockchain is just one advanced technology that is assisting governments with identity verification and fraud prevention. EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano and Sandy Pentland, the MIT Toshiba professor and one of the most cited scientists in the world, discuss government advanced technology adoption trends.

  • Episode 4: US Tax Reform: Friend or Foe to Corporate Innovation?

    Will the recent overhaul of the US tax code positively impact the US innovation ecosystem? Host EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano talks with former US Treasury Department Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy and EY Co-Director of National Tax, Michael Mundaca to explore whether the new tax law will ultimately promote or serve as a barrier to corporate innovation in the US. They also share their ideas about actions that Congress could have taken to spur more innovation. Listen now

  • Episode 3: How to Accelerate Growth through an Innovation Ecosystem

    Often large businesses are adept at incremental innovation but struggle with strategies to prevent disruption. How can your organization embrace startups, entrepreneurs and others within the innovation ecosystem to discover and commercialize disruptive ideas that could transform your industry? Carrie Earle Allen of the Cambridge Innovation Center explains to EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano why even thriving companies should avail themselves of an innovation ecosystem. Listen now

  • Episode 2: How to Apply Lean Innovation Methods in a Corporate Setting

    What are lean innovation principles? How can large business organizations apply them to successfully innovate and build new products and services? Tucker Marion, Faculty Director of Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Innovation Program, speaks with EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano about how to navigate the vast innovation ecosystem and successfully launch an innovation effort from within a large business organization. Listen now

  • Episode 1: Augmented Reality in Business Today

    In the inaugural podcast, EY Global Tax Innovation Leader Jeff Saviano talks about the potential of augmented reality (AR) with 3D data and heightened reality computing. AR isn’t mainstream yet, but it could be a $100 billion market by 2024. What is it? How is it different from VR? How is AR helping companies innovate? Listen now