Innovation. Collaboration. Analytics.

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Our platform for delivering leading-edge tax compliance

To keep our commitment to providing exceptional client service, we continually and aggressively focus on innovation. We also listen to the challenges and concerns of our clients and the insights of our people. Several years ago, we began the transformation of our compliance and reporting service delivery model, building in the properties of innovation, collaboration and analytics.

We took advantage of a marketplace leap in technology that enabled us to leverage and customize proven capabilities to design a new compliance service delivery model. It starts with engagement setup and goes through data gathering, tax adjustments and tax return filing, with real-time status tracking and online review via embedded workflow management and analytics in a client-accessible dashboard.

It simplifies and improves the way data is collected, received, accessed and used ‒ not only for compliance, but also for planning, accounting and controversy.

Benefits of EYTaxSpace™ include:

  • Everything you need for tax compliance is in one space. Through EYTaxSpace™, our one space/one platform comes to life. It isn’t a group of processes and technologies cobbled together to do a job. It’s one powering technology, one end-to-end process, one common database built specifically for the purpose of connecting all the compliance information and activities.
  • Working together is more efficient and seamless. With EYTaxSpace™, the client and EY tax compliance team members work and collaborate through a customized web-based portal that makes gathering data a one-time process, validating data and tracking work flow as easy as accessing our dashboard, and reviewing reports and returns a real-time capability 24/7.
  • Having analytics at your fingertips means added dimension for the tax function. EYTaxSpace™ lets us turn the data collected for compliance and reporting into powerful and accessible analytics that can take our client’s tax function from just reporting the numbers of the past to informing the business decisions the company makes in the present and shaping the strategy that drives its success in the future.

Whether it’s used with corporate entities or partnerships, for outsourcing or co-sourced engagements, EYTaxSpace™ is one of the ways we’re building a better working world.