State and Local Tax Services

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Business Incentives and Credits
Business incentives and tax credits can be generated from investment in people, property and training. These credits can dramatically affect a company’s tax position. Incentives often include income or franchise tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions and refunds, property tax abatements, reimbursements for training expenses and favorable financing arrangements. Our network of both US and global incentives professionals can help companies identify and obtain incentives that may be available through legislative statutes or through negotiation with appropriate federal, state, and local agencies. We provide services in a number of areas that assist companies in identifying and obtaining business incentives and tax credits:

For more information, contact Ali Master, Director of our Business Incentives and Credits practice, at 

Employment Tax
As employment tax costs continue to rise, businesses are challenged to seek efficient management strategies. Whether the payroll and employment tax functions are handled internally or outsourced to a third party, there are any number of situations that require assistance from an experienced payroll and employment tax professional. EY’s employment tax team helps companies evaluate their payroll and employment tax operations and practices, identifies employment tax cost savings opportunities aligned with the company’s systems and processes and helps companies implement change to match both long- and short-term objectives. In addition, our employment tax team also handles employment tax claims administration services. For more information, contact Greg Carver, Director of our Employment Tax practice, at 

State Income Tax
In the current environment, tax departments are increasingly resource constrained. Keeping up with the ever-changing state income tax laws is a demanding job. Our tax professionals recognize that limited resources may be keeping you from reaching your goals. Our goal is to help identify ways to lower ETR, improve cash flow and reduce risk. Our state income tax professionals can:

  • Review filing methodologies to identify potential refunds and risks.
  • Answer questions throughout the tax accounting, compliance and controversy processes.
  • Assist with the complicated process of identifying tax positions, assessing the associated risk and measuring the benefit.
  • Provide guidance on new state tax policy and legislation, advise on the tax return impact of those changes and team to help prepare returns.
  • Help companies manage the complex and time-consuming task of communicating with state and local tax authorities.
  • Assist with state tax audits and mitigation of audit assessments.

We also have a state tax desk network that allows us to efficiently and effectively address questions. The network includes professionals with deep state-specific tax knowledge capable of addressing complex technical and administrative issues. For more information, contact Chris Gunder, Director of the State Income Tax practice, at 

Property Tax
Property taxes are the largest controllable component of many companies’ state and local tax burden. Average property taxes comprise 37% of a company’s total state and local tax burden. Sometimes a company’s taxable assets in its business are so complex that the company pays more in taxes than is necessary. Our property tax professionals offer tax advisory, compliance and outsourcing services related to both real and tangible personal property. More than 80 dedicated property tax professionals across the US are strategically positioned to provide companies with both local and industry-specific experience. We help companies to:

  • Address taxes that go directly to the bottom line.
  • Improve property tax reporting.
  • Verify asset records and classification.
  • Support appropriate property tax values on both personal property and real property filings.
  • Address critical issues by providing experienced national coverage.
  • Apply a uniform approach to the reporting and valuation of property tax accounts.
  • Evaluate property tax overhead costs.

For more information, contact Robert Henderson, Director of our Property Tax practice, at 

Sales and Use Tax
Our sales and use tax professionals have years of collective industry and government experience providing firsthand knowledge of the issues impacting your company. We help companies on a nationwide basis, across a broad spectrum of sales and use tax issues. Our extended network of tax and accounting professionals helps address the issues that may be affected by your sales and use tax decisions. We offer the following sales and use tax services:

  • Sales and use tax advisory services.
  • Sales and use tax recovery services.
  • Sales and use tax structure review.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Audit support and assessment mitigation.
  • Sales and use tax systems review and process improvement.

For more information, contact Faranak Naghavi, Director of our Sales and Use Tax practice, at