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Africa attractiveness

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Our Africa attractiveness surveys and reports are designed to help businesses make informed investment decisions and governments to improve their respective business environment while lightening barriers that may intercept future growth.

Africa Attractiveness

EY - Africa attractiveness program 2016, Year end updateAfrica attractiveness program 2016, Year end update
Multispeed growth in Africa likely to change foreign direct investment patterns over the next few years as our 2016 Year end update anticipates continued variable economic performance across Africa’s sub-regions.

EY - Navigating Africa’s current uncertaintiesAfrica attractiveness program 2016, Staying the course
Despite a relative slow down, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Read more.

EY - Navigating Africa’s current uncertaintiesNavigating Africa’s current uncertainties
Despite current uncertainties regarding growth prospects in many African economies, it is our view that the longer-term outlook for economic growth and investment in Africa remains positive.

EY - Africa attractiveness survey 2015Africa attractiveness survey 2015
We remain confident that, despite economic headwinds, the “Africa rising” narrative remains intact and sustainable.

EY - Attractiveness survey Africa 2015 - Making choicesAfrica attractiveness survey – Focus on Americas
In many respects, the rebuilding of American interest in Africa bears testimony to the strong fundamentals at play in the continent.