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African Cities How do East African cities deliver sustainable economic development through infrastructure delivery? Read our thought leadership here. October 2014
Managing conflicts at the Remuneration Committee The EY and Institute of Directors Southern Africa position paper provides guidance to members of South African remuneration committees on the King III Report. October 2014
EY Survey: growing war for talent in Africa A growing war for talent is emerging in Africa - some 70 percent of firms are recruiting to support their growth ambitions. Yet vacancies are taking longer to fill. October 2014
Creating shared value in oil and gas in Africa Read about how the oil and gas industry in Africa is leading the development of local content policies to ensure Africa benefits from its resources. 20121001October 2014
Bridging Africa's infrastructure gap How do we bridge the infrastructure gap in Africa? Read our latest thought leadership exploring five key factors to ensure successful execution on infrastructure projects. 20121001October 2014
Indirect Procurement Optimisation According to a recent survey EY took part in, of the 267 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives contacted, 65% cite finding more savings as their top pressure. 20120601June 2014
Public Financial Management reform in Africa EY’s new thought leadership shows how Public Financial Management reform in Africa is helping to build good governance and attract investment to the continent. 20120201April 2014
Survey - Talent trends in Sub-Saharan Africa Managing talent and skilss in Africa is critical to unlocking growth. Find out key trends from our survey of 224 companies across Africa. 20120201January 2014
EY IoD Remuneration Committee Forum - Position Paper 2 This EY and Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IoDSA) position paper provides guidance to members of South African remuneration committees on the King III Report on Governance (King III) requirements for effective remuneration policies. 20120201December 2013
The A, B, C's of information technology (IT) strategy Technology is pervasive and, in today's world, every organisation is in some way affected by it, regardless of market, industry, size of maturity. The digital revolution has torn down barriers to entry and has leveled the playing field. Large companies now face competitve pressure from smaller start-ups that are able to take advantage of cost efficiencies and new business opportunities that technology has enabled. CIOs today, therefore, have a greater role to play and have a say in boardroom decisions. IT is no longer just a tactical function, but rather a strategic objective. IT strategy need not be a daunting task - it can be as simple as ABC: align IT strategy with business strategy, build the IT strategy framework and continuously improve the IT strategy and infrastructure. 20120201September 2013
Africa's infrastructure development - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013: The business case for Africa is clear. The focus now is on the practical realities of growing business in and across Africa. 20120201September 2013
Enabling Africa's Potential through Technology - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 When discussing Africa in terms of business opportunities and investment attractiveness, most conversations will tend towards the abundance of untapped natural resources and an emerging consumer market. The role that technology plays in this conversation is more likely to be in the context of a challenge or a potential hinderance to doing business in Africa. 20120201September 2013
Financial Services - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 Financial services organisations can achieve high levels of growth across Africa by shifting their focus to what customers in different areas really need and want. 20120201August 2013
The East Africa Boom - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 The potential for growth is there: the East African boom is real and it is growing. Don't be left behind because the region is ready for business. 20120201August 2013
Cape to Cairo - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 Increasing levels of disposable income in Africa have led to a robust change in consumer preferences. 20120201August 2013
What it takes to succeed in Francophone Africa: Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 To those not doing business in Francophone Africa, the region is shrouded in mystery. Not only are the individual countries diverse and unfamiliar, but the region's culture is unique. Foreign social and business customs and the language barrier used to be enough to scare off most cautious Anglo-Saxon businesses and investors. However some are now realising that this could be a costly mistake. 20120201August 2013
Successfully investing in West Africa - Reflections from the Africa Strategic Growth Forum 2013 Returns on investment in West Africa exceed those currently seen in more established markets, which begs the question: just how risky is an investment into the region? 20120201August 2013
The world bank of restructuring Due to the current complexities and volatility pervading the banking sector, banks are restructuring in order to adapt to the new operating environment. 20120201August 2013
Driving Enterprise IT project Success through Independent Program Assurance Information Technology (IT) is an essential aspect of virtually all organisations today, managing the transactions, information and knowledge required to initiate and sustain a business. As an integral part of the business, it is crucial that the Board understands the strategic importance of IT and assumes responsibility for it by asking the difficult questions regarding all IT projects the enterprise endeavors to undertake. 20120201July 2013
PoPI also requires protection of information about companies> Companies should not be misled into thinking that proposed new privacy laws do not apply to them. Companies need to protect more information than they expect or they may face unintended consequences and obstacles. 20120201July 2013
What happens if we violate PoPI The Protection of Personal Information Bill (PoPI) is likely to be enacted later this year. The Bill defines 'personal information' in the broadest possible terms, including 'juristic persons' (i.e. legal entities such as companies) in its definition, requiring that information relating to identifiable natural or juristic persons must be safeguarded and its collection and use limited to specific purposes. PoPI gives individuals the right to object to those users, on reasonable grounds, and to ask that their information be deleted. 20120201July 2013
Remuneration Governance in South Africa: 2013 Survey Results This EY survey, Remuneration Governance in South Africa is the second since the new framework for remuneration governance was introduced. This survey aims to identify how today's remuneration committees of Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed (JSE-listed) companies are evolving in their responses to this framework. Data from the 2012 survey is used for comparative purposes, helping to pinpoint trends and identify changes. 20120201July 2013
Institute of Directors - Remuneration Committee Forum Position Paper 1 - May 2013: A framework for remuneration committee The relationships between a board of directors, the executive management team, the shareholders and other stakeholders are at the heart of corporate governance. Nowhere is this more important than in the field of remuneration. As a body representing the board, the remuneration committee plays an essential role in overseeing the quality of the remuneration information, disclosures and decisions of a company. The remuneration committee therefore plays a significant role in building both public trust and in making sustainable business decisions. 20120201May 2013
Enabling Africa's potential through technology Poor infrastructure remains one of the biggest growth hindrances in emerging markets—applying equally to technology infrastructure as to traditional bricks and mortar. However, a lack of entrenched technology presents significant opportunities for organizations to take advantage of recent technology developments—bypassing traditional thinking and solutions designed for environments that don’t suit Africa’s emerging market. 20120201April 2013
Frontier Human Resources: Neither wild nor west While conditions in Africa are highly conducive toward growth, too little attention has been paid to the human resources required to drive this growth. More specifically, it is important to understand how workforces across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are positioned to support, participate in and benefit from rapid economic development. 20120201April 2013
Angola: More than an oil & gas story Angola was the world’s fastest-growing economy for the first 10 years of the new millennium, and it continues to be among the fastest-growing economies on the continent. This growth has been fueled by significant FDI capital inflows, thanks to Angola’s substantial oil and mineral reserves. 20120201April 2013
The East Africa Boom: Don't be left behind The East African region is made up of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. This area brings together a population of approximately 210 million people with access to a further 50 million in adjacent Burundi, Mozambique and South Sudan. This market size, along with the emerging discovery of natural resources and ongoing market integration through the East African Community (EAC), contributes to the region becoming an attractive investment destination. It is notable that the regional economy has grown significantly, with this trend set to continue. 20120201April 2013
Financial Services: Evolving Africa strategies using reverse engineering As Africa's banks and insurers continue to expand across the African continent, they need to evolve along a similar path to Standard Chartered and HSBC. Expansion to date has been in the form of incremental internationalism - exporting business-in-a-box operating models into culturally similar territories. However, success requires fresh thinking on how to operate across the continent. Emerging patterns of success show multi-regional internationalism that shifts power to the regions and maximises local responsiveness, with customer friendly strategies and products that respond to local conditions. 20120201April 2013
Cape to Cairo: Assessing the logistical challenges to serving customers on time Africa has a population of one billion potential new consumers, with this trend set to more than double by 2050. Consumer spending is expected to hit US$1.4 trillion by 2020. Delivering goods to these customers on time and at the right cost represents a sizeable prize for any company. However, due to differing maturity and complexity of routes across the continent, getting goods to market at the right cost requires innovation. 20120201April 2013
Ten IT considerations for internal audit

Want to increase confidence in your IT internal audit risk assessment? We outline the IT trends to consider.

20130301March 2013
Unlocking the power of SAP's governance, risk and compliance technology A robust GRC technology solution can act as assurance for the entire organization. Learn about the solutions of SAP. 20130301March 2013
Smart Control: growth, reduced costs and a safe business Many organizations view their control environment as expensive, of limited value or a hindrance. Make sure to get the full potential benefit with our approach. 20130101January 2013
Privacy trends 2013 - The uphill climb continues Digital technology is transforming businesses, creating not only opportunities but also privacy risk and responsibilities. Are organizations and regulators doing enough to safeguard sensitive information? 20130101January 2013
Integrated governance: effective business continuity management Integration between business and IT is critical to business continuity and disaster recovery success. Is your organization able to effectively respond to and manage risks? 20121201December 2012
Governance, risk and compliance technology: turning risk into results A robust GRC process and technology solution can help embed risk management requirements and practices into daily business activities, streamlining processes for improved financial performance. 20121101November 2012
2012 Global Information Security Survey As the speed and complexity of technology accelerates, the gap in your information security program grows. Is your organization doing enough to close the gap? 20121001October 2012
The DNA of the COO With a bird's eye view over a company's operations and strategic know-how, COOs are ideally placed to improve its success. We explore what it takes to be a COO today. 20121001October 2012
Strategy deployment through portfolio management A risk-based portfolio management approach forces organizations to focus on projects that matter and helps manage the risk of their transformation in an integrated way. 20121001October 2012
Integrated reporting: driving value Investor reporting expectations have evolved. Leading companies use integrated reporting to provide more complete performance metrics and measurements to improve communication, processes and efficiencies. 20120201September 2012
The DNA of the CIO What makes a leading CIO? Gain insights into the aspirations of those in the job, and the skills they need to master to succeed. 20120201September 2012
Do not let your supplier take you down Procurement has an increasing role in addressing new legal and regulatory guidelines for transparency and reduced risk. Do you understand how your suppliers do business? Read more. 20120201September 2012
The future of internal audit is now We explore actions internal audit can take to realize strategic alignment, increase business relevance and achieve a risk maturity that accelerates financial performance. 20120201July 2012
Think beyond your annual audit plan Chief audit executives often lose focus on long-term strategic planning for the internal audit function. Is your plan aligned to the organization's broader business priorities? 20120201June 2012
Protecting and strengthening your brand As social media reinvents business relationships, we look at the rise of consumer media, understanding its risks, holistic social media governance, and brand protection. 20120201May 2012
Shared support services costs: are you transparent? Increasingly, regulators ask utilities to provide more rigorous justification of all operating expenses and capital investment decisions. Are your shared support services costs sufficiently transparent? 20120201May 2012
Improving business and operations planning Companies that manage sales and operations planning purely as a supply chain process are not seeing the bigger picture. 20120201May 2012
Ready for takeoff - Preparing for your journey into the cloud Organizations are looking at cloud computing to increase effectiveness of IT initiatives, reduce costs, increase operational flexibility and generate a competitive advantage. Are you prepared? 20120201 April 2012
Turn risks and opportunities into results 2013 We explore the top risks and top opportunities for businesses in light of the current economic environment. 20120201 April 2012
Power and utilities: improving safety and reducing costs Eliminating obstacles between supply chain and work management can yield significant cost savings. We identify the challenges and opportunities in improving interactions between these functions. 20120201 April 2012
This time it's personal: from consumer to co-creator Our survey shows that digital technology is altering customer behavior beyond recognition. Is your marketing flexible enough to adjust to the trends and remain relevant? 20120201February 2012
Turning risk into results Companies with more mature risk management practices outperform their peers financially. Find out how leading companies are turning risk into results. 20120201February 2012
Mobile device security We explore methods to assess and mitigate the risks related to today's most popular mobile device platforms and technologies. 20120101January 2012
Bringing IT into the fold A coordinated, strategic response that addresses the dynamic nature of cybersecurity and the rapidly changing operational technology (OT) environment demonstrates responsible risk management. 20120101January 2012
Privacy Trends 2012: The case for growing accountability To achieve greater accountability, many organizations will have to rethink their approach to privacy. 20120101January 2012
The Eurozone debate continues Despite the short-term gloom and uncertainties around the future, we still expect the Eurozone to stabilize in 2012. Learn why in our latest Eurozone Forecast. 20111201December 2011
Plugging the $100 million gap Economic challenges and aggressive performance promises require operations executives to play a larger role in broader business strategy development. Improving performance requires a focus on reliability and predictability, a more customer-centric approach and planning for the unexpected. Are you ready for the supply chain's new era? 20111201December 2011
Attacking the smart grid Penetration testing has become the latest trend in the ICS space; however, the cultural and technological differences between control systems and traditional IT systems have caused confusion around how to perform a penetration test safely and effectively. 20111201December 2011
Avoiding supply chain stumbles A stumble at any point in the supply chain lifecycle could result in a deterioration of shareholder value and damage to the brand. Through standardizing their operating processes, IT systems and data management, companies can minimize operating stumbles and improve service level performance by focusing on simplicity and reliability. 20111101November 2011
Into the cloud, out of the fog In an increasingly virtual world, our 2011 Global Information Security Survey examines business risks associated with technologies like social media, mobile computing and the cloud. 20111101November 2011
SOX function transformation Many organizations still treat the SOX function as a difficult compliance exercise. The results of our survey show that there is opportunity to channel inventive approaches and practices with automation, off shoring, IT investment and innovation. These are new ways for your SOX function to add value across the organization. 20111001October 2011
A path to making privacy count Five steps to integrating privacy protection into IT transformations. 20111001October 2011
Building confidence in IT programs Key issues to blame for IT program failures are often not being properly identified until after they have occurred, and there has never been a better or more important time for organizations to review how they plan, execute and realise benefits from strategic IT programs. 20110901September 2011
How to respond to catastrophic events The unexpected and catastrophic nature of a "black swan" event requires a flexible response to minimize impact and enable an effective recovery. Read principles and protocols to assist your organization in responding proactively to these unpredictable events. 20110801August 2011
Business continuity management 10 actions leading organizations take to maximise chances of success in the wake of disaster. 20110801August 2011
Turn risks and opportunities into results Regulation and compliance risks remain the most serious concern for global firms while improving strategic execution across business functions presents the most opportunity. Learn more from our latest research on the top risks and opportunities in business today. 20110601June 2011
2011 European attractiveness survey Perhaps surprisingly, Europe ranks second only to China as the world's most attractive investment region. How can it maintain its competitiveness as a region in the global economy in 2011? And which growth drivers – cleantech, digital innovation, or other ideas – will be the keys to its future? 20110501May 2011
Information security in a borderless world What are the information security measures companies should take in today's hyper-connected, borderless world? Find the answers in our report. 20110401April 2011
What insurers need to do about the medical loss ratio (MLR) The introduction of the MLR reporting and rebate provisions in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) drives the need for health plans to develop new management disciplines to help minimize the effects of MLR on profitability. Find out what steps Insurers need to take now to understand their Medical loss ratio (MLR) rebate exposure. 20110401April 2011
Competing for growth: how business is growing beyond boundaries From entering new markets, developing new products and services and cultivating and retaining talent, our global survey of more than 1,400 companies reveals what successful businesses are getting right in the new economy. 20110401April 2011
Straight talk about IT performance Evidence of innovative IT solutions is everywhere. But you might be asking yourself, why can't my IT team do that? You're not alone. Our survey on IT performance explores the gap between what the C-suite expects and what IT delivers. We offer ideas for how to bridge the distance. 20110401April 2011
Building value through control efficiency The roads to increased efficiency, better returns, heightened transparency and more confident stakeholders can all intersect at control environment improvement. Learn more. 20110401April 2011
Convey the health of your internal controls instantly How can a company's Internal Audit function go deeper to help gauge the organization's overall health? Get the answer in our series, 5 insights for executives. 20110301March 2011
Five things you ought to know about ICD-10 ICD-10 will multiply and alter the codes US providers and payers use for coding medical information. The number of available codes will expand from 24,000 to 155,000. Are you ready for ICD-10? 20110301March 2011
Improve your odds with driver-based decision-making Without concrete information, leaders sometimes rely on intuition to make decisions. A driver-based approach gives leaders the insights they need for more strategic decision-making. 20110301March 2011
Is your control environment costing too much? Regulations for increased accountability continue to rise, as do calls from investors and shareholders for improved performance. Is your control environment as effective as possible? Find the balance between cost and risk to improve control efficiency. 20110101January 2011
Five actions to avoid losing customers or their profitability Global economic uncertainty has caused consumers to think twice before they make a purchase and they also expect more for their money. Is your company able to sustain market share and maintain profitability in this challenging environment? 20110101January 2011

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