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Africa Business School

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Our Africa Business School is focused on building individual learning competencies, capabilities and skills through providing a range of business insights and knowledge-based programmes for directors, executives and managers.

By supporting the growth and development of current and future leaders skilled at teaming and the delivery goal-oriented results, our Africa Business School plays a role in building a better working world for our people, clients and communities.

From the deep experience and knowledge gained in the industries we operate in, our courses and events offer insights from subject matter professionals who focus on skills development in both personal and organisational areas, and for individuals and entities across the African continent.

The Africa Business School delivers high-impact learning experiences designed to deliver innovative, experiential business education that enables you to remain at the forefront of best practice and as leaders in your industry.

  • How do we build a better working world?

    We start with the world that matters most to you. The world of your business, your customers, your career, your community, your family. The things that affect you and the things you affect. One step at a time. One insight at a time, because when business works better, the world works better.

    How do we help to create a better working world?

    • By inspiring trust in the capital markets
    • By working with governments and businesses to foster sustainable, long-term growth.
    • Enduring growth.
    • By encouraging the development of the people who are — and will be — the builders, the visionaries and the achievers.

    We’re making it our purpose to help build a better working world, starting with yours.